Media, Triple Talaq, and Muslim Women Achievers

Cafe Dissensus Everyday

By Kouser Fathima

A tweet by a leading Indian TV anchor about the state of Indian Muslim women has led to a very unexpected but positive response from Muslim women. These Muslim women started a hashtag – #Muslimwomenachievers – to highlight the success stories of thousands of Muslim women from various fields. Starting from Razia Sultana, the ruler of Delhi, to the present day achievers, the stories were inspiring and eye-opening to many people, who were genuinely unaware of realities. There were others who deliberately tried to ignore the success stories by quoting examples of Muslim women, who were abandoned because of the misuse of the Instant Triple Talaq (ITT, henceforth) by their husbands. I don’t deny that the ITT is misused by many Muslim men, despite their small number. But the efforts on the part of Indian media to use the ITT to undermine the achievements of Muslim women are quite deplorable. This…

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