The Fascinating Journey of SRK

Cafe Dissensus Everyday

By Kouser Fathima

Shahrukh Khan is just not an actor but a phenomenon, an enigma who redefined superstardom at a global level. While he travels abroad, we have seen how people react to SRK. That is the reach of his stardom. SRK is seen as a great Indian actor who has mesmerised his fans globally. His journey to stardom has been adventurous, fascinating, and definitely not an easy one.

A Delhi boy with no Godfather in the industry managed to get a break in Bollywood. He first acted in television serials, later in a few obscure movies, until he did Bazigar, which heralded the arrival of a new star. Bazigar‘s success was significant as he played a character with shades of grey: the hero of the movie not only kills for revenge but also dies at the end. How many newcomers would have dared to take up this role, especially…

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