The new trend of literature festivals in India

Cafe Dissensus Everyday

By Kouser Fathima

Literature festivals are the new fad in urban India. However, it seems that these lit fests have very little to do with actual literature. This is what I realised after attending the latest edition of Bangalore Literature Festival. It looked more like a social outing for the urbanites than a celebration of literature. In fact, it had everything that makes for a carnival: people, food, and fun with a little bit of literature thrown around.

I am neither a literature student nor an expert. My interest in lit fests is only as a book lover and I was disappointed with the lit fest I attended. I expected to see more of authors and literature students discussing books. What I saw was a well-dressed crowd (not that a writer can’t be well dressed) socialising, enjoying the food, and clicking pictures. It was no different from any of the social events…

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