The Drama about Triple Talaq and Instant Triple Talaq

Cafe Dissensus Everyday

By Kouser Fathima

The endless discussion about Talaq, aided by media’s obsession and comments by all, has only added to the confusion. Everybody and anybody have something to say about the topic. Some are genuinely concerned about its effect on Muslim women and many others are using the issue for political and social mileage.

Before dwelling more, we need to clarify the difference between Triple Talaq and Instant Triple Talaq.

Triple Talaq

“Talaq, in simple words, is a divorce given by husband to his wife. According to Islamic provision, Talaq has to be pronounced thrice at an interval of three menstrual cycles.”

After the first Talaq, usually an arbitrary meeting is arranged by the families, so as to reconcile. If the couple reconcile after the first and the second pronouncements, the Talaq is invalid and they can continue as husband and wife. If there is no reconciliation even after the second…

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