Why the male ego can’t accept a NO #pink movie review 

Movie ‘Pink’: The Male Ego Can’t Accept The Word ‘No’ #MovieReview

The  movie revolves around the mentality of the people which thrives on the single idea that a girl should not go out alone or cross the line and if she does she is inviting trouble. She alone is responsible for any untoward incident that takes place against her and she will be judged based on this assumption. Good girls don’t go out for late night parties, they don’t drink and if any girl does that, she will be treated accordingly. She can’t complain if someone misbehaves with her. Most importantly she can’t utter the word ‘No’ and if she does dare to say ‘No’ she has to face the consequences. The male ego can’t accept a ‘No’, it is insulted by her courage to say ‘No’ and she has to be taught a lesson, which she will never forget.


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