While the need for questioning the authorities for adequate safety measures can’t be brushed under the carpet we also need to analyse the role and behaviour of the pilgrims. Sorry to say that the pilgrims need to be better advised and trained about the whole concept of Haj. The respective countries should conduct lectures explaining in detail about all the places, the safety measures and risks involved during the stay. Most classes conducted focus on the religious aspect and rituals barely mentioning the other aspects of the pilgrimage. With the help of technology virtual tour or even videos of the places can be shown to educate the pilgrims. All things including the huge crowd and weather conditions should be kept in mind while planning the pilgrimage.
Firstly very elderly, physically dependant people and kids should avoid going to the pilgrimage. It is not compulsory for the elderly and physically dependant to undergo the journey and face the hardships. Allah knows your condition well and will judge you accordingly. And for children Haj is Wajib only after they attain puberty, so small kids performing Haj is not needed.

Further read @ http://twocircles.net/2015sep30/1443601084.html#.Vgwbofmqqko 



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