The release of data about Indian  based on religion has shattered many preconceived notions. The fear among the majority hard liners that Muslim population is increasing rapidly and very soon India will see a population inversion has been busted. Yes the population of Muslims has increased but is not as huge as otherwise projected. In fact the Muslim growth rate has shown reduction, which is commendable and need to sustain this for the next decade.
According to the survey , in 2001-2011, the population increased as follows:
Hindus 13.88crore
Muslims 3.42 crore
Christians 38 lakhs
So there is an increase of 0.8% in Muslim population. The growth rate has declined from 30% in 2001 to 24% in 2011 but is still higher than the national average growth rate of total population i.e. 17.7% .
The other positive point is Muslims have shown better gender ratio. Assam and West Bengal have seen increase in Muslim population followed by Kerala and UP. Meghalaya and Odisha show lowest growth of Muslims.
The figures clearly show that Muslim population has decreased though not on par with others . Increase education of females and easy access to medical advice regarding family planning are two important factors for the reduced growthrate.


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