The Sheena Bora murder mystery has not only made headlines but raised many questions about the media and its coverage. This is not the first time a sensational murder case has shocked the nation, Aarushi murder case still haunts all of us.
Many can’t believe why educated, sophisticated and urban parents would kill their only daughter? Many stories and plots are being reported in the media. Some sections of the media have even gone on to malign the character of the victim.

And now we have this latest sensational case to keep the news channels busy for a few days.
Every channel is running this story from the day one covering all its angles. The past of every family member is dug out, no one is spared.
It won’t be surprising if some channels interview the milkman or dhobi of the family. Channels are inviting “celebrities ” and “experts” to discuss the murder case . All the wannabe Sherlock Holmes are trying to analyse the situation in which the crime was committed.

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