Parenting has become quite challenging. Gone are the days when we had option of both between being a strict parent and a lenient one. Neither appears to work now. Parents following both the methods fall short of parenting skills and , therefore, are left wondering where they went wrong .
As we grew up, we mostly had our good cop and bad cop strategy effectively functional in the family with one parent being strict and other being considerate.
Both the parents regularly shifted roles while they tried to discipline us. But, with time, the concept of befriending one’s own children gained popularity. These parents now resented the strict approach and, instead, favoured a more friendly way of interacting with their kids.
Emphasis was now on bonding with their little ones and providing more freedom. Topics, which were previously not discussed were began to be openly discussed with kids. A very positive and giant step in parenting indeed.
But, there were still many parents, who simply found it hard to adapt to new concept of parenting. The mushrooming of electronic media and the subsequent impact of the West on our society were being seen as the culprits in this change of approach.
Counselors in schools noticed kids growing in a relaxed family atmosphere were more confident and compatible. While kids from a stricter environment, though were disciplined, lacked confidence.
There were merits and shortcomings in both methods of parenting, but we experienced a gradual change in the approach of the so-called “stick brigade.”
Perhaps they realised that a child, who is free to share one’s thoughts with parents and family was building an unbreakable bond with family. It also added to the safety as the child shared all good and bad experiences with the parents. Alert parents were able to pickup change in behaviour due to bullying in school and worse due to exploitation. It was a new phase in parenting and friendship with one’s child became the new style.

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