During a recent discussion someone wanted to know why the medical / engineering seats allotted to Muslims remained unfulfilled whereas the one’s for Christians gets filled . Inspite of all my efforts the answers were not satisfactory & in fact even I myself was not convinced by my answers . Realised that this a truth we have been trying to run away from ?? Why is the literacy rate & education standards among Muslims so bad ?? Sadly ,has gone below that of SC /ST . How & why did Muslims who were once rulers reduced to this state ?? What are the reasons , are Muslims themselves to be blamed ?? Are the critics right in telling that Muslims allowed themselves to be reduced to vote banks??
 After the independence , the Muslims who stayed back in India were not sure of what to expect . Jinnah who was considered a leader had created a new nation & migrated . Along with him many educated & successful Muslims also moved to Pakistan in hope of better future . The bloodshed that accompanied the partition put Indian Muslims in a difficult position . The government went an extra mile to reassure the Muslims about their safety & position in the nation . This did not go well with some From the majority leading to consequence as dire as assassination of Gandhi . Muslims in India had few leaders who could address their issues & guide them ,leaders were not very vocal of their support to the community .

For further read click on the link belowhttp://twocircles.net/2015aug09/1439122449.html 


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