Do Muslim women need a feminist revolution 

However, the bigger questions are: do we, Muslim women, need a feminist revolution? Is there anything called Muslim feminism?
Many argue that Islam itself is nothing less than a feminist movement. Islam not only gave women a special place in society but addressed specifically issues concerning women, which were never addressed before. These issues range from discouraging female infanticide to ensuring legal rights to the property of both father and husband, freedom of property ownership and inheritance, requiring the consent of females before marriage, concept of mehr, and widow remarriage. Many of these rights were unheard of at the Prophet’s time. Even with polygamy, the aim was to benefit women more than the men. As we see during the battle of Uhud, men died leaving women as widows, who were unprotected and left with orphans. The Prophet decreed polygamy to provide financial, moral, and legal protection to women. The aim was to give these women shelter and respect in society.
Historically, the first one to accept Islam was a woman (Bibi Khadijah) and one of the most respected and oft-quoted Islamic scholars is also a woman (Bibi Ayesha). Many instances in Prophet’s life show that women were not only religious but one day every week they discussed various other issues concerning them.

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