How safe are kids in schools

  Last year Bangalore & one of it’s ptivaye school were in news but for a bad reason . A 7 year old was molested by one of the school staff in the school campus .After the initial anger & protest , school was temporarily shutdown ,there were calls for strict action & policies against the school . The government stepped in & issued new rules making it compulsory to have CCTV cameras ,through background verification of staff & female attendant in school buses .
It is more than a year now , have the rules being followed ? Are school campus & buses safe for kids now ? Don’t think so , after the initial furore both the public & press forgot the incident , many schools threatened to increase the school fees to provide for additional safety measures . Most already were charging exorbitant fees & hence security for kids was part of the package but yet these incidents gave them reasons for further fleecing the parents . Verification of staff was the responsibility of schools , with hundreds of children in the campus the schools had to be vigilant . But for reasons varying from financial constraints to shortage of trained staff , schools fail to throughly verify the staff . Even if reported school managements try to hide the incidents for fear of bad publicity of school .
The hectic schedule of most parents makes it difficult for them to question the school management nor do they have time to ask the kids about any unpleasant incidents in school . Moreover children are unaware of impending danger , not many are warned about such perverts . We still believe that such incidents happen only in west & the Indian system has no room for such incidents .Sadly we are being proved wrong repeatedly . Frustrated & sick minds under the disguise of friendly Uncles are roaming freely ready to pounce on innocent children . Need to accept such the possibility & openly warn the children about it .Stricter laws & more importantly implementing these laws ,will help us to provide a safe environment for the children .Both parents & schools need to be more vigilant & strict while dealing with such incidents . Failure to do so will leave scars on the innocent minds which may never heal .
Let us not forget that the system is made by the people & we need to fight to change it for better . May not see a change overnight but least we can do is to protect our children .


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